Tom X.R. Date

Tom eXtended Reality Date is a private non-profit one-person journey into the new application of standard 2D & eXtended Reality 3D Engines for big data visualization and processing.

A unique way to have some gamified fun and leisure time at the cutting edge of a technological multiverse, not for personal gain or capitalism and money just to prove a new concept that gamification can help us swim in the overflowing and overwhelming sea of information by utilizing a new and unique kind of Virtual Augmented Extended and Mixed Reality Cyber Spatial Environment for having a Localized Scheduled Date among us with Artificial Intelligent Contextual Smart services offering Insightful Integration Aggregation and Generation of new Perception & Collaboration.

From the early days of 2000, the WildTangent applet displayed 3D content in the browser up to the current Unity 3D XR and immersive Web XR, the current best solutions for indie developers.

A single collaborative platform:

  • Using configuration and definitions of native device capabilities without the need for hard coding or software engineering skills by reusing Blueprints shared by Senior Experts from the open-source community for each use case.

  • Interacting, sharing, and enjoying modern web technologies, distributed cloud services, connecting to Smart Internet Of Things (IoT) Home Appliances and Toys.

  • Beyond the familiar scheduled two-dimensional interactions with family and friends at home, and coworkers and managers at the office into an Omni-Dimensional gamified experience.

  • Visualizing data and media on Virtual (VR), Augmented (AR), and eXtended (XR) Realities.

  • Performing common everyday tasks and complex business workflows innovatively nationally and efficiently by interacting with Non-player characters (NPC) with Speech to Text, National Language Processing with Chat Bots, and Text to Speech while in an approachable way to everyone.

Cyberspace Flying Robotics on Slack is dedicated to finding new innovating and disrupting innovations and ways to spin the same industrial wheels without reinventing them in a different way that includes Virtual, Augmented, and eXtended Realities.